Isla Tigre has a new well!

New Well on Isla Tigre!
New Well on Isla Tigre!

Simon (pictured in red shirt), Raul & Chuck drilled a new well on Isla Tigre!

Simon, who I trained 6-months ago, has drilled 3 other wells previously on Isla Tigre.

This new well will serve a cluster of 3 homes (about 15 people), however each home can have additional relatives staying for long periods at any given time, so it is hard to get an accurate headcount. The wells we drill on the islands here in Panama produce a very good amount of water. We tap into subsurface springs and can’t even bail the water because it flows in so fast. The first well we drilled in March 2014 hasn’t run dry even though it is used day and night!

This particular well was sponsored by a donation from a non-profit made up of a community of givers called Gethrr. Thank you so much for your generosity Gethrr!

Praises: We had more rain on Saturday for our rainwater storage! My fever is gone! 

Prayers: Health protection for those who aren’t sick and healing for those who are – there is just a lot going around the village. Support from the community to finish the pipeline project. 

2 thoughts on “Isla Tigre has a new well!

  1. Success! Congratulations!

    Best Regards,

    Kathy Carlin | (310) 405-4593 (C) | 92283 (P) Application Manager, Professional Billing | ISS | CareConnect

  2. I am very glad Cait-the-Tigre is feeling better. Had us worried there for a while!

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