Gift a Goat and More!


Back in the Ngobe village on Isla Bastimentos in Panama
At 2:30am on Tuesday morning, before my flight out to Panama, I launched my most ambitious crowd-funding campaign to date. I crowd-fund once a year to help me reach goals for certain projects that I cannot financially support with my own funding. I was really nervous about setting a goal of $20,000 for this campaign, however, I have three projects I would like to complete from Januaray to March in 2016 that will cost roughly $18,000. That’s just my first three months next year – I’ll have many more after that! If this works out, I’ll be able to give latrines to families in San Antonio, Guatemala and La Cumbre, El Salvador; goats to students in Marbial, Haiti and a new water system to San Antonio, Guatemala. 

I was so nervous when I launched the campaign online that I checked it as many times as I could on Tuesday during my down-time while traveling. A watched pot doesn’t boil, right? My campaign didn’t boil on the first day. 

On Wednesday, I was working in the Ngobe village all day so I didn’t check the campaign until I came “home” for dinner. I checked my email and was so surprised by the donations I received already that I had to re-read them a few times to make sure I read them correctly – $5,800 towards my goal! This is incredible! The campaign is heating up now 😉 

Thank you all so much for your donations! 

If you haven’t seen the funding site yet, here is the link:

Please check it out and share it with friends so we can spread the gift of goats and more!

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