Meet Washington!

Washington has been on our team since 2012! … More Meet Washington!


Time flies when you’re having fun…drilling wells!

Usually 4 weeks can feel like a long time, but in Panama, the time flies. We have so many communities that we are working in and I have a great place to stay (with the Wood family) and a small workshop to work on the pumps that it makes it easy to pass the time. … More Time flies when you’re having fun…drilling wells!

Then and Now

February 7th 2009, I boarded a plane for Guatemala and a two-month project that changed the direction of my career from that point forward. I had found my place as an engineer. My first blog – yippeekiyay – documented those months and my first water/sanitation project abroad in San Antonio. I had returned, briefly, to … More Then and Now

It doesn’t rain “cats and dogs” here…

…but Parrots instead! Panama – where the seasons are “wet” and “wetter.” 😉 My first couple weeks here have been busy, sometimes hectic, most always muddy and GREAT! When I arrived, there was a team here at the Wood’s house from Washington State. They were having medical/dental clinics, building rain-catchment systems and drilling wells (with … More It doesn’t rain “cats and dogs” here…