Back to where it all began!

  We crossed the border into Guatemala successfully! We were sort of prepared for some minor hassling that you would expect at a border crossing, but ours was smooth. We walked over from El Salvador to Guatemala which really just means we took a truck to the El Salvador Frontier, got the stamps we needed and walked over two bridges. Once in Guatemala, we filled out our immigration papers and met my friend, Clarita, who picked us up. The funny part (to me) was walking alongside of all these tractor trailers parked on the road waiting to cross from Guatemala into El Salvador. We felt very small and a little odd to not be in a vehicle like everyone else. All in all, it went well! We met up with other mission teams that evening and participated in some activities with local teens. Over the past couple of days, we’ve taught some basic hygiene to missionaries so they can teach it to their communities. We went to San Antonio to see my former project from 2009. It was so awesome to be back in San Antonio and to see all the families I had become so close to during our project.   The kids are grown up, the parents look a little older (but so do I!) and the community has grown to 60 families. Two hours passed quickly.  I will be returning there again on Sunday so I wasn’t too sad leaving. We are working in Coyolate and I’ll be sending an update about the water filters at the end of the week!   To send a message to Caitlin, visit:

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