Then and Now

February 7th 2009, I boarded a plane for Guatemala and a two-month project that changed the direction of my career from that point forward. I had found my place as an engineer. My first blog – yippeekiyay – documented those months and my first water/sanitation project abroad in San Antonio. I had returned, briefly, to … More Then and Now

Sassy Coffee, Part 2

The Preschool Project: I wasn’t involved with the earlier stages of the preschool development story so I am sharing the history of the preschool from info gathered via Kathy, Jim, Bruce and Michelle. I decided to devote an entire post to the story because I did get to be present for the ceremony and see … More Sassy Coffee, Part 2

Heading down!

The school we have been sleeping at for the past two evenings is at an elevation of (approx) 6000′. Combining that with rainy season and you have cold, damp nights. Even though I know we’ll be sweating down in Coyolate (sea level, 100% humidity, HOT), I am anxious to get back to the warmer weather. … More Heading down!

Good Morning Volcanoes!

I am not sure how this panoramic photo will show up in this post, but I just wanted the share the view from the roof this morning. Today is a “rest day” here in Guatemala and then we will hear down to Coyolate tomorrow morning to start work.