My Favorite Photo!

This is a current photo of Carlos & Victor using the well we drilled and installed back in March on Isla Bastimentos, Panama. IMG_1781-0.JPG This borehole well taps into a spring that flows year-round. It is so cool to see about half* the members of the community really using and benefitting from this source of safe water. The Rowan students who helped drill this well worked so hard during their spring break in March that for two of them (Jess & Pat) to return to see it being used daily is a treat for them as much as it is for me.

*most of the people who live in the mangroves section (Francisco’s family) continue to use their source of water (piped water from a surface spring) even though we have tried to explain that it is not safe. Their water is just convenient (the pipe goes right into the mangroves) and until a better understanding of parasites is obtained, it will be hard to change their minds. We held those hygiene classes to explain parasites and connect them to illnesses the community has (intestinal) so hopefully there will be an increase of mangrove community members using the good well in the near future.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Photo!

  1. Kate and the crew…may GOD be praised and lift you all up…the smiles on these faces says it all!

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