Gift a Goat

Back in April, I wrote about a goat project for students scheduled tentatively for December of this year. ¬†It is no longer tentative! I launched the crowd-funding site yesterday, Helene (my sister) is developing¬†the training program, the team has been assembled and we have set the project date for December 2nd – 9th! Check out … More Gift a Goat

Summit Oblivion

The scouting trip in El Salvador went really well! My teammates (Gilbert and Raul) and I went to a very remote village called Cumbre del Olvido (translated literally as “summit oblivion” but loosely referred to as “the forgotten people of the high mountain”) in the mountains of El Salvador. To get to Tucuba, the closest … More Summit Oblivion

A New Name

Hello Everyone! Yeah for Internet access! Here is a quick story from my time with Jennifer in Soroti and the villages nearby: Jennifer and I were brought to meet with a woman in the village of Obule who had recently undergone surgery. We were brought there by Charles, the pastor of a church nearby. We … More A New Name