Sleeping takes talent…

…if you can manage to sleep in the bed of a pick-up truck driving down a [mostly] dried up riverbed.

I can sleep anywhere

I had a really long traveling day yesterday as I made my way from Haiti to Helene & Peter’s apartment in Princeton Meadows. I happily ate some of the brownies Helene baked me for my birthday before crashing on the air mattress a little before midnight. I came home from work today to more brownies in celebration of my birthday … I am beginning to think I might need to return to those mountains in Haiti to work off all my birthday brownies!

I am going to send out more info and pictures by the end of this week but I just wanted to let you all know that I made it home safe and sound. We did not reach water before we departed the mountain village but the community workers did so well and embraced the technology with such enthusiasm that I believe they will reach the water shortly. We ended up using the percussion method a lot in addition to the auger because we just hit large rock after large rock so the process of breaking through the rock was very slow. The cool part was that we continued to make progress – inch by inch! I will share more soon but I do feel like this trip was incredibly successful!

3 thoughts on “Sleeping takes talent…

  1. I look forward to hearing any and all you can communicate with me. Let me know when we can talk.

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