What can YOU do with a bicycle tire?

Rope Pump

I have been quite the slacker in terms of keeping you all updated on what I have been doing lately regarding water-related projects. Sorry!

I travelled to Grand Rapids, MI for an international development conference a few weeks ago. I took a course for certification in disaster response building inspection for earthquake and flood damaged areas. I am hoping to attend more training here in the States to become a rapid responder for disasters like the recent “super storm sandy.” If anyone has advice for that or suggestions on where to get training – let me know!

Two weeks ago, I was a technical presenter at the Engineers Without Borders Northeast Regional conference in Philadelphia. My presentation was on sustainable hand pump design with a focus on the Rope Pump. My family helped me build a rope pump to use for demonstration at the workshop. I think I was the only speaker that brought such a big prop to the conference!

Here is a video: 

I am going to start to load more photos and stories from Uganda. There is so much I still haven’t shared so keep a lookout for more posts in the following weeks!

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