I saw a wild animal…other than vultures, rats, giant worms, lizards and spiders (finally!)

So, why did we generally walk or take a boda (motorbike) the two-ish miles between our host house and the orphanage in Iganga?…because otherwise we’d spend 30 minutes trying to get the truck through the narrow gate (Isaac hardly ever made it through the gate on the first try so we’d have to push the truck back uphill and let him try to back out again) and then push it back and forth to get it started.

As a foreigner, I stand out among the locals so the kids often run away from me or towards me (screaming either way).
Being a foreigner AND pushing a truck back and forth along the road makes for a local circus show. I should have charged admission ; )

I tried to pass off as a Ugandan but they didn’t buy the act (I think my accent gave me away) so I paid the full price to see the start of the Nile.

My team at the Nile. (from left) Washington, me, Abraham and Cyrus

Jumping is just the way I like it

Bananas anyone?

Fresh warm meat anyone? P.s. buy the meat with flies on it…otherwise it means the meat was sprayed with repellent

Self-portrait as I rode the boda through Kampala

Water being heated for tea in Soroti

Drying clothes in Arua

Monkey!!!! (my first wild animal!!!)

When the buses stop along the route, people run to sell you everything from socks to live chickens

Travel in Arua

David, Emma and their cute little girl, Amelie (my awesome missionary friends in Arua)

Ewww! Water beetle

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