My original flight would have brought me home very late tonight, but I was able to hop on an earlier flight once I got back to Kampala. P.S. My first breakfast in the States: brownies in chocolate ice cream! Such a healthy start!

Bus ride from Arua to Kampala/Entebbe

Arua to Kampala was an 8 hour bus ride. I was excited to book the trip on a large bus so I didn’t have to sit squeezed in as tight as usual on the mini-bus type taxi. One weird part of the trip was when we all had to get off the bus and walk through a check point and wait for the empty bus to come through to pick us up. No one even checked my passport so the whole event didn’t make sense.

Flight from Entebbe to London

I did my best to sleep during this flight although it started in the morning. I always try to force myself into the time zone of my destination during travel to help with jet lag.

Flight from London to Newark

I had over an hour to kill in the airport so I walked circles around the terminal to try to loosen up in prep for another long flight. I probably looked silly to the people working near my route who saw me walk by about fifteen times before my flight left. I did my best to stay up during the flight by watching hours of cheesy comedy films and sitcoms.

Car ride from Newark to Vineland

My AWESOME dad picked me up with yummy baked goods packed in the car for me : )

Above are my most important post-Uganda essentials. My lovely sister’s first words to me when I got home were “gosh, you stink!”

4 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Caitlin, so glad you made it home safe. I enjoyed reading your blogs. God Bless and take care! LYLAS…………Alice

  2. So glad you are home safe and sound . Looking forward to hearing all the details of your experience. Enjoyed your blog.

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