Photos from past 5 months

Here is a 2 minute photo montage video from the last 5 months worth of projects. A quick synopsis: Costa Rica (spanish school) El Salvador (spring water source scout) Panama (well drilling, borehole) Haiti (latrine construction, livestock) Ecuador (hygiene, sanitation, water management community training) Ecuador (water purification installation)

This is your brain.

Does anyone remember that PSA for drug awareness where the narrator would say “this is your brain” as he holds up an egg? Then, as he cracks it into a frying pan, he says “this is your brain on drugs.” Well, this was my brain after Thursday’s class on indirect pronouns in Spanish grammar. I … More This is your brain.

El es Fred.

Wahoo! I am at the half-way point for this 7-week intensive program! Yesterday, we learned “Perifasis” – basically, we started putting sentences together with the verbs, nouns and adjectives we have been studying so far. I put together my first story in class today. It starts out with “He is Fred” (now the title of … More El es Fred.

Hasta luego!

This was a week of goodbyes and hellos. -I said goodbye to Somerdale and hello to Vineland as I moved the last of my belonging to my dad’s house. -I said goodbye to my co-workers and tomorrow I will be saying hello to the Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica for 7-weeks of intensive study. … More Hasta luego!