Side trip to Panjakent

During one of our afternoons, we found that progress would be delayed until the following day because our national host, the main pupil for our training, had to move out of his current apartment.  One of the american hosts offered to drive us up to his village so we could evaluate the surroundings as a possible location for drilling.  The trip to Panjakent was amazing.  The terrain was so diverse – it was so cool! We drove around snow capped mountains, along villages comprised of small stone houses built into the side of hills, thru tunnels [that would be condemned here in the States!], and along rapid rivers fed by the melting ice caps.  It was a long (6 hr) bumpy awesome ride! We evaluated the area around Panjakent and found that the soil was full of rocks – too many for the drill to handle – but the swift moving river water was perfect for some hydroelectric pump alternatives. We woke up pre-dawn the next morning to drive back toDushanbe.  We arrived back in Dushanbe by 11am to continue with drilling and pump work.  Below are some pictures from the trip to Panjakent.

Landslide Tunnel Compliments of China

Stone Houses

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