“A day in the life” …Panama, a video

Originally, I created this video to share the beauty of Panama (captured from my perspective) with my family. I was in Panama for about 3 months (March – May 2018). During that time period, I was filming a lot of slow-mo clips of the rain, the sea and the scenery during my travel to the different islands to work. I started to put together an artsy “day in the life” piece that I intended to just share with my family. Towards the end of my project, a volunteer, named Carolyn, came to help me for a week. Carolyn took a lot of photos and videos and, unbeknownst to me, got some clips while I was working. She gave me the clips and I mixed them in with my own filming and created this video. I ended up using it in a presentation during the summer and it received such positive feedback that I used it in five other presentations over the past 9 months. I haven’t actually posted it to this blog, but since the last blog topic was “Panama,” please enjoy this follow-up in the form of a “Day in the life” video  

Panama from Caitlin Terry on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on ““A day in the life” …Panama, a video

  1. Beautiful video, Cait and Carolyn. Thank you for the making the effort to share your experience.

  2. Hi Caitlin, Thank you for sharing your video and talk at Calvary Chapel this morning. It was very interesting! My daughter, Hollie, who also graduated from Rowan, is a missionary for 2 years in Papua, New Guinea. At the present time she is furthering her education in Vancouver, Canada to equip her for being on the mission field full time. She is in Bible translation area. Again, thanks for all that you are doing! Terry

  3. Beautiful, Caitlin. I love it, especially the clip at the end of the children with the pure water. Passed it along to a number of folks.


    Best Regards,

    Kathy Carlin | (310) 405-4593 (C)
    Project Manager, Physician’s Billing Office | UCLA Health

  4. You have your parents’ artistic eye. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others. Your Mom would be so proud.

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