Lovely’s Goats

Melinda, John, Helene, Peter, Caitlin

The team made it back from Haiti!

Tired, but encouraged.

The goat program is really making a difference for the students. They are growing their herds, selling the males in the market to buy more females, taking pride in their work. It is such a wonderful sight to see a student walking 3 or 4 or 5 goats to us for their checkup.

This is a mama goat with her daughter and granddaughters

One girl in particular, Lovely, had a herd of 5 goats! She is one of those students that you can see is really caring for her goats properly because they are not afraid of people and their coats are shiny and healthy. Lovely had two sets of twin offspring. The living conditions are difficult, which can make it difficult to care for the goats so to have two sets of healthy twins demonstrates how well Lovely treats her herd.

In addition to raising healthy goats, Lovely is generous. After the hurricane, some of the students had lost their goats in the mudslides and when the trees fell. Lovely, along with 21 other students, each donated one female back into the goat program. The students were not asked to give a goat, but did it out of love for others. It just made my heart so happy!

Unfortunately, I missed a photo of Lovely with her herd (when she brought them for a check-up). I snapped this quick photo the next day just so everyone could “meet” Lovely

I’ll have more photos and stories to share next week!

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