Quickest Update Ever!

You know how I am always busy prepping for a trip? Especially when I have less then a week between my previous trip and the new one? Well, that little window of time is my excuse for not letting you all know about Panama 🙂

I’m sitting on a plane at JFK airport in NY and the flight attendants are going to announce any minute now that everyone has to put their phones in “airplane” mode so I will write quick!

I will be living on Isla Bastimentos with the Wood family for the next month. My project is providing bathrooms for a school in a large Ngobe community. To read more about this indigenous community, check out this link: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngäbe_people. I have worked with smaller Ngobe communities before, but I have yet to meet the one I will be working in during this project.

I’m exciting to be staying with the Woods and continuing to minister alongside them to the Ngobe people!

I should have access to Internet so I will update and post photos when possible.

I’ve got to fly!!!!

❤ Cait


The City That Never Sleeps is looking sleepy at 4:50am


2 thoughts on “Quickest Update Ever!

  1. Safe travels and may the Lord bring much fruit from your work in Panama. Think of you often and am praying for showers of blessing on you. Love, Kathy

  2. Cait..miss you already. God Bless your new project. Praying for health, protection and success for HIS glory! love you, Linda

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