Not Forgotten

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I glued the last pipe yesterday afternoon! The project is unofficially complete! It will be official tomorrow during the ceremony with the community.  I am taking the day off to hike up an adjacent (small) mountain where we should be able to see the ocean and Guatemala at the peak.  The guys didn’t want me on the job site today. I think they are cleaning it up for the little ceremony. I’ve prepared a little “speech” as requested by the community elders.  This particular community calls themselves “the forgotten people of the high mountain.” We (Hydromissions associates who have been working with this community since Fall 2013) have been trying to encourage them that they are not forgotten. For example, we all know them, we talk about them to others; we have not forgotten them, our families have not forgotten them, etc.  Tomorrow, I am sharing Psalm 139:1-18. I want them to understand that God has known them. God knows their coming and going, their thoughts, anxieties and joy.  God knows every day of their life. God knows them. They are not forgotten and never have been forgotten.  That’s it – short and sweet 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. Your post inspired me to reread Psalm 139. It is both uplifting and convicting… a beautiful song.

  2. Great message, Cait! I miss you and love seeing all that you are doing for communities all around the world!

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