4 packs instead of just 1

IMG_3029.JPGI am heading back to Haiti with a small team (Helene, Dana & John) to launch Phase 1 of the “Gift a Goat” program!

With your partnership in funding, we were able to raise enough money for 67 goats!!! We will not get all the goats during this first phase, but plan to start out with about 35 now and add to the herd slowly over the next few months.

Helene and Dana will be teaching seminars daily to the students and community members on goat care, breeding, first aid and milking in the morning and tagging/handling the goats in the afternoon. John and I will be helping with the actual goat tagging and physical care as well as hygiene education.

Traveling with so many people has made it possible for us to bring additional supplies for the community in Marbial. Besides all the goat health and care items, we packed up hygiene supplies and 20 canisters of iodized salt to help with the iodine deficiency in that village. To read more about why iodized salt is so important, check out this link: http://data.unicef.org/nutrition/iodine

We will be completely off-grid in Marbial, so please remember us in prayer this week. We are praying for safety, health and that the training is received well. We are also praying that the goat transfer goes well – we are buying the goats locally, but they are still quite far from the village and will need to be walked/carried to Marbial. We are not exactly sure what to expect when we finally arrive, but that is typical working abroad 😉

Au Revoir!

4 thoughts on “4 packs instead of just 1

  1. Kate and the crew. Will be lifting you all in prayer. God bless your servant hearts and willingness to serve HIS people – you’re the best! Linda

  2. Caitlin, you continue to amaze me ! You and you team are truly Christ-like.
    God bless you and your good works.

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