Remote. Really Really Remote.

20140325-105229.jpgHelene and I are en route to Haiti (layover in FL right now) and will not be able to communicate until we return next week. I was certainly spoiled in Panama because the Wood’s house was solar powered and I was able to communicate easily with you all back home. It won’t be like that in Marbial. There isn’t even a local cell signal in the small mountain village we are heading to for the week.

I am excited to share this project with Helene. She has been researching agriculture and livestock in Haiti and will gather a lot of data over the week we are there. The plan is that she will develop training programs when we return to the States that can be applied to support local agriculture and livestock in the villages where I have water/sanitation projects. In Marbial, I will be focused on the 4-stall latrine construction that Hydromissions is funding for the small school and scouting the adjacent property for water borehole sites. Marlaine (our host and the founder of “Faith & Love in Action“) is in the process of purchasing additional land in Marbial. Once purchased, the men Hydromissions trained last year (Haiti 2013 under Hydromissions projects) will drill for water in the areas I identify this week.

Please pray that we shine God’s love as we interact with the community and we stay safe and healthy. Might be a good idea to pray that the rats stay out of our beds. Last time I was here, it sounded like a (fictional) R.O.U.S. was on the roof at night. Something big ate half of a BIG rat…the locals said it was a cat, but considering the cat was half the size of the dead rat, I didn’t believe them 🙂

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