31′ and counting…

We anticipated reaching water by (at most) 15′ based on existing information, but this is the driest this region has been (at least during the two years that our hosts have lived here) so we keep digging dry shale from the ground. We left the borehole at a depth of 31′ when we broke for the night. We are planning to split into two teams tomorrow and drill two new boreholes at different locations. This is our second day of drilling so the progress is good, but the fact that we haven’t hit water yet doesn’t make sense based on the depth water was reached when our host dug for the house foundation and drainage pits.

The students are doing a great job. We had rough travels to get here (basically 30 hours via buses, water taxis, plane, truck, etc) and so we drilled the first 15′ on our first day on basically no sleep. Everyone has been working hard and (I think) having fun as well 🙂 Below are Jessica, Jimmie (standing) and Brittany (kneeling) as they work to drop the auger back into the borehole.


4 thoughts on “31′ and counting…

  1. Wow Cait. Interesting experience to add to the list…dry spell equals no water at more than twice the depth in that location. Okay hone, you are in my prayers–try to get enough sleep and rest! Much love!



  2. Caitlin one of your students , Seckinger lives in Somers Point and I know his parents. I am keeping you all in my prayers! Love, Cheryl

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