Rainy Season!


Ah, rain rain and more rain. Rainy season here in Guatemala is quite…wet. The weather is mostly humid and hot in the morning and raining (thunderstorms) in the afternoon.

This is the first chance I could get online. I am now in Antigua and will be meeting my teammates from Coastal Christian and our hosts from Mission Impact tomorrow morning. Up until now, I was in Chiquimulilla where Operation Jabez is based.

It has been so nice to visit my old friends from Operation Jabez, CEISO and San Antonio. The project site in San Antonio looks great – the water is still running and the community has added another small elevated water tank and two latrines for the school. They also have two classrooms now for the children. I can’t explain how happy I was seeing the community that I spent so much time with during the project. The kids have grown up, more families have moved into the homestead, more babies have been born and they are continuing to try to improve their living conditions.

I also enjoyed going back to the English school – CEISO – that my friend, Clarita, owns. I sat in many classes over the past few days asking the students questions in English and helping them get used to hearing a North American speak. CEISO is the school I helped out at during the evenings after project work in San Antonio was done for the day.

I also spent time on some of Operation Jabez’s ministries. While I was there, they had a children’s program and a sewing program. I am fine with children, but I am useless when it comes to sewing. I just helped sort and fold the fabric donated by Gerry Volpe, Lori Marshall, Karen Pumen and Dot Marshall. Thank you!!!

I don’t think I will have Internet for the rest of the trip, but if I do – I’ll be sure to send an update!

4 thoughts on “Rainy Season!

  1. LOL Much like NJ. The past month heat & rain. Although I’m certain it’s much more humid there were quite soggy here also.

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