Back in Jersey!

Home from Ecuador!

I am a wee bit behind on updates (yea, I know…I say that often, right?) so here is a quick overview of the past month:

My first project in Ecuador – the MedWater education program – went really well! After we trained the team of Community Health Promoters (CHP), we went to each village represented by a promoter and taught again. It was really awesome to involve the CHP in our teaching program so they could practice teaching the different steps to safe water, basic sanitation and proper hygiene. Some of the CHP became very involved and ended up teaching most of the lessons just from what they learned originally from us. It was really cool to see the student become the teacher so quickly!


My second project in Ecuador was the MedWater community installation project. We worked with a team of Pre-Med students and community members to install water tanks, piping and a teach the community water council members on how to use a water purification system.
water clean out valve
I will be working from the States for the next couple of months. I am the Director of Projects for Hydromissions (my snazzy official title) so there is a lot of work I have ahead of me in developing projects, running current projects, planning continuing education for our associates, marketing our organization and existing project follow-up. It will be a busy couple of months but I am excited to be able to devote myself full-time to my passion (whether it be abroad or stateside work).

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