Ecuador with MedWater

20140421-131509.jpgHere I go again, updating you all while sitting in the airport awaiting my flight. I feel like I am always rushing right before a project, so the easiest place to update you all is while I am waiting for my flight 🙂

This time I am going to Ecuador with MedWater. Our focus as a team will be on hygiene education. My focus as an individual will be checking sites for water purification system installations. MedWater has partnered with the Timmy Global Health to provide water purification systems in areas where Timmy is already established in Ecuador. My friends, Chana & Darrell, started MedWater a couple years ago with the vision of collaborating with organizations serving health needs in developing countries and providing them with the ability to purify the existing contaminated water. We are not actually installing the system on this trip (we are returning in mid-May for the install). This trip focus is on hygiene education. Purified water won’t do much good if it is collected in dirty buckets or if the family doesn’t wash their hands or use a sanitary place to go to the bathroom. Education is an important first step to helping the community become healthier as a whole.


One thought on “Ecuador with MedWater

  1. Always a pleasure to hear from you.. Keep up good work. Those people you are trying to help-you have no idea what they are thinking about you. I am sure they are thanking God for sending people like you on this Earth!

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