Home and Away Again

I haven’t written since returning from Barbuda. I would like to take time to really share what that experience – Disaster Response – was like, but I have been busy prepping for Haiti since my return.

Speaking about Haiti… I’m leaving today!

Gift a Goat 2018 is here! Helene and I are heading to Haiti this morning! We are excited! Helene will be teaching the livestock lectures and I’ll be working on some water solutions for the new medical clinic and helping Helene with the goat care (basically, I hold the goats while Helene does all the hard work 😉)

Thank you to everyone who has supported our goat program and we will be posting photos as soon as we return.

One thought on “Home and Away Again

  1. Hope all is well! Stay safe ! Drink plenty of fluids, stay hydrated!

    Our Guatemala Trip this year is Sat – Sat 7/21 – 7/28…you know you are always welcomed!!!

    PS, luv those orange Antigua Brewery containers..


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