Somewhere between DC and Miami

I do the same thing every time I am transitioning between projects. I procrastinate writing a blog post until I am at the airport or on the plane, en route to my next project community. I’m glad that technology is available that allows me to access wifi while FLYING (so cool!), but what a contrast it is to check email on the plane one day to working on islands where people do not have access to safe water or toilets the next. 

Isla Bastimentos 2015
I am returning to Isla Bastimentos to continue well drilling training. I will check former projects (latrines, wells and the pipeline), but my main objective is to help Simon become more comfortable with the drilling process from start to finish and work on ways that he can incorporate the message of God’s grace to the families that will be receiving the wells. I am also hoping that we can find a teammate for Simon to drill with when I leave at the end of June. 

Drill training in 2015
Hydromissions tries to make the projects sustainable and to provide the locals with the knowledge and equipment to drill wells for years to come. Drilling itself is not difficult on these islands, however finishing the wells properly has been difficult (it is hard to find material here for a proper filter pack for inside the well). 

Donated supplies!
I am traveling today with two duffles, each weighing about 45lbs. Those duffles are full of hygiene and first aid supplies donated by awesome friends! I posted a request to Facebook for supplies and within a week, I had enough to send 6 boxes to a container ship heading to Haiti and fill two duffles for Panama! Wahoo! 

Family Selfie (missing Dara and all the folks married into our family…and my nieces). I guess I should call this a “partial family selfie”)
My break at home seemed to go by so fast! I had some great work-related meetings to plan for future projects, spent time with each of my siblings and my dad, got to see most of my local friends and went to a Phillies game 🙂 

They lost :(. 

Flight 2 of 3

I’ll be writing again once I settle into the projects in Panama!

5 thoughts on “PAAAnaMAA!

  1. Wonderful words and pictures – you are in the prayer of all of us here in Vineland!

  2. I remember the last time you (and I) were in Paaanaaamaaa!

    We need pictures of the completed Canal!

  3. Keeping you in prayer. Praying that God gives you a fellow believer so you can be encouraged and strengthen during your visit to Panama! Love you a lot!! Cheryl

  4. So happy you arrived safe and sound…keeping you and your project in prayer…love you lots, Linda

  5. “We will remember you… when we use our toilets” LOVE IT! (that’s what it’s all about!)

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