Gift a Goat

Back in April, I wrote about a goat project for students scheduled tentatively for December of this year.  It is no longer tentative! I launched the crowd-funding site yesterday, Helene (my sister) is developing the training program, the team has been assembled and we have set the project date for December 2nd – 9th! Check out … More Gift a Goat

Photos from past 5 months

Here is a 2 minute photo montage video from the last 5 months worth of projects. A quick synopsis: Costa Rica (spanish school) El Salvador (spring water source scout) Panama (well drilling, borehole) Haiti (latrine construction, livestock) Ecuador (hygiene, sanitation, water management community training) Ecuador (water purification installation)

Back in Jersey!

Home from Ecuador! I am a wee bit behind on updates (yea, I know…I say that often, right?) so here is a quick overview of the past month: My first project in Ecuador – the MedWater education program – went really well! After we trained the team of Community Health Promoters (CHP), we went to … More Back in Jersey!