Photos from past 5 months

Here is a 2 minute photo montage video from the last 5 months worth of projects. A quick synopsis: Costa Rica (spanish school) El Salvador (spring water source scout) Panama (well drilling, borehole) Haiti (latrine construction, livestock) Ecuador (hygiene, sanitation, water management community training) Ecuador (water purification installation)

Rocks vs Shells

We spent the entire day trying to resolve our filter pack (the material that goes between the borehole wall and the PVC casing) dilemma. We spent the first half of the day breaking large rocks into pea-size rocks. Hours of hammering rocks resulted in only half a gallon of pea-size gravel. We wanted 10 gallons, … More Rocks vs Shells

Off to Panama!

I slacked a bit when I first got home from Costa Rica so I didn’t actually finished my laundry from that trip until yesterday – just in time to pack for Panama! I am heading to Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro (see the red pinned location on the map above) to scout, test and drill … More Off to Panama!