Table Rock Tea Company

I am back in town for another month before heading to Panama to work with the Wood family and the indigenous Ngobe people.

I have been catching up with family, friends, working on new projects (research) and sharing about my projects with youth groups and others. Some of the friends I caught up with are Steve and Jen Lorch. If you remember from my previous posts, Steve and Jen are the founders of Hydromissions and the way I learned where Tajikistan was back in 2010 when I had my training project with them 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.05.47 PM

Steve and Jen moved on from Hydromissions back in 2012, but they didn’t sit still – not even a little bit!

Between working their regular jobs, teaching multiple Bible studies, and maintaining their farm in South Carolina, the couple has been working on developing one of America’s only tea plantations.  Table Rock Tea Company will grow, harvest, process, and sell tea directly to the public.

With a constant heart for missions, the Lorches hope to eventually branch off a non-profit, “Opportunitea.Org,” that will provide microenterprise loans and scholarships to small scale-tea farmers in developing countries.  

Although the Lorches are no longer involved in Hydromissions in an official manner, they still support me, the projects and check in with me whenever I am home.

Please be sure to check out their website to watch the progress of their tea plantation.  You can also support their latest endeavor by partnering through their Kickstarter campaign here – Table Rock Tea Kickstarter.

p.s. their tea tastes great!

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