The dirtiest sport in the world


Today is our 4th day in Haiti – we have been training students, treating goats and just loving our time with the community. If goat tackling/wrangling was a sport, we would all get medals! Wait…is it a sport? Someone with electricity should google that for us. 😉 

We have thirty-seven new goats in this second phase of the Goat Project. Thirty goats were purchased with the funding we raised and seven were purchased for the students from another group supporting Faith & Love in Action. Yestersay afternoon, while Dana and Helene lectured in the classroom, John, Chelsey and I worked on finishing the twenty-two goats we hadn’t yet treated and tagged. In order to treat them, we need to catch them. Easier said then done – especially on slippery muddy slopes.  

It was also raining.  Yup: 

Wet slippery goats on wet slippery slopes 😋

If there was ever a time that I wished we had someone videotaping (for submission to Funniest Home Videos), it was during the wet goat wrangling. We had to dive so many times to catch the goats that by the time it was over, we looked dirtier than the livestock. We also  entertained some locals walking by; they witnessed a particularly “matrix-like” goat who somehow jumped/turned/floated past all three of us as we dove at her. The locals were laughing so hard until we finally caught her and when we did, they cheered.  


4 thoughts on “The dirtiest sport in the world

  1. Kate…I can only imagine…what a video…you and your group are truly amazing! God bless you all and ALL you’re doing for HIS glory…

  2. What a riot. Now you know why you entered the mud race some years ago, in preparation for this very task.

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